Areas of our concern:

  • social justice, peace and cooperation
  • freedom of journalism
  • preservation of environment
  • humanitarian sustainability
  • democracy and responsibility
  • sustainable international peace

Our service:

  1. Listen to the people affected
    One can always write to us and tell their stories anonymously. However, we encourage people to follow some guidelines. It’s desirable to describe in your message the following:

    • what is happening
    • what consequences it brings, how it affects you, violates your rights
    • why it is happening, are there any rights or interests of others involved
    • what may be the other options to satisfy all parties?
  2.  Encourage those listening
    Our fund in a consistent manner supports high-quality and socially responsible journalism. We fundraise and donate to independent and non-profit media and socially responsible authors that cover matters of social importance. We also provide assistance to facilitate their contacts and foster cooperation. Our aim is to help them to secure their financial sustainability and to reach a broader audience.
  3. Analyze reports
    We conduct fact-checking and analysis of the issues reported. Only after that our experts and journalists present their findings and vision to the public.
  4. Making them heard and involve other influencers
    As a non-profit organization the Endowment for Public Awareness communicates with its media partners about the overlooked issues of people’s urgent concern. Our staffers also contribute their own knowledge and writings on such topics.
  5. Warn ’em all
    By attracting the attention of the mainstream media, broader audience and decision makers to the existing problems we urge all the parties and officials to encourage fair negotiations and public discussion in order to put things straight.